Whole Peanut Butter Torte - 8 to 16 Slices

Whole Peanut Butter Torte - 8 to 16 Slices


Dense, deep and chocolatey cake with a dusting of 100% cocoa powder. Each bite contains a generous helping of Ottar peanut butter which adds crunch and a nutty, roasted flavour.

Less sweet than an Ottar brownie and made without wheat flour.

The whole torte - 7.5" square - makes 8 large or 16 small portions.

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Ingredients: Butter, (milk), light brown sugar, cocoa solids 70%, egg, peanuts, rapseed oil, caster sugar, cocoa butter, 100% cocoa powder, rice flour, sea salt, soya lecithin.

*Suitable for Vegetarians*

Allergens: In bold. Many of our products contain milk/dairy, egg, wheat/gluten and soya lecithin. They may also contain - or contain traces of - nuts, peanuts, seeds, sulphites and all other known allergens. Our produce is made in an environment where many known allergens are present and handled regularly.

Shelf life: 5 days

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