Boxed Chocolates – 36

Boxed Chocolates – 36


Small batch ganache squares, caramels and truffles, carefully flavour-matched with the purest, most flavoursome bean to bar chocolate from the most ethical and skilled producers – Pump St Bakery, Duffy, Valrhona and Akessson's.

Hand-picked from a daily changing menu.

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Delivery: Place your order before midday to receive your items in 3 working days.

Ingredients: Ottar chocolates contain: cocoa solids 39% to 68%, cocoa butter, honey, sugar, butter & fresh cream (milk) and soya lecithin (Non-GMO) (soya). They may also contain nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, sesame and seeds. If you would like more specific dietary, allergen and/or ingredient information or clarification, or if you would like to omit a particular ingredient, please leave a note in the comments box or email our team prior to placing your order at 

Allergens: Many of our products contain milk/dairy, egg, wheat/gluten and soya lecithin. They may also contain - or contain traces of - nuts, peanuts, seeds, sulphites and all other known allergens. Our produce is made in an environment where many known allergens are present and handled regularly.

Shelf life: 10 days

Packaging: White box