Bee Kind – Ottar Honey

Ottar honey is a collaborative project with local beekeeper, David Chase. In April 2017 we housed 250,000 worker bees amongst ancient pastures of diverse nectar planting, flanked by Lime trees on the Welbeck estate. 

David is a registered UK beekeeper and has been harvesting honey at Welbeck for over 10 years so he knows Welbeck land well. But more importantly, David shares our beekeeping vision: ethical farming + happy bees = friendly honey. 

It’s important to us that our bees live as healthy, happy and stress-free life as possible. That means feeding the bees during the meagre, winter months on their own food source rather than on potentially toxic, refined sugar solutions. And during harvest, ensuring that at least one hive in each colony remains intact, reducing the risk of food-source panic. 

Honey bees don’t merely work for our enjoyment. They contribute directly to food and crop production through pollination. It’s important that we help to keep our bees as healthy and happy as we possibly can during their short and busy lives which is why regular health and wellbeing checks are key to our practice.

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