Grow with us

Aunties and uncles, colleagues and customers have brought us all kinds of wonderful, homegrown ingredients to play with over the last year. We’ve had pink gooseberries, Bramley apples, lemon, fig and blackcurrant leaves (our favourite, thank you Renny!), Victoria plums, quince, honey, mulberries and bags of organic lavender flowers. And absolutely nothing went to waste. It was all used to create micro batches of fresh jams, jellies, poached doughnut fillings and chocolate bar infusions. Even excess juices and syrups strained from fruit compotes and quick jams are re-used to pep up our fresh lemonades.

So if you have a glut of fruit and more herbs than you know what to do with, or something unusual that you would like us to play with. We will have a go at transforming your homegrown or foraged ingredients into, hopefully, something marvellous. We can either share the final product with you or you can enter our swap shop and receive an e-voucher for you to spend on Ottar products of your choice.

The product might be so good that it works its way to the website as a limited edition line, giving you a big shout out in the process. All you have to do is arrange for it to be delivered to our production space at Welbeck as freshly picked as possible and in good condition. We’ll do the rest. And if you are in a 15 mile radius we might be able to pop along to pick or forage with you.


If you'd like to share some of your produce with us please fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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