Making passion fruit curd on a marble slab in the Ottar kitchen

Chocolate, Aroma, Flavour – Always


Real chocolate – carefully and expertly grown, harvested, fermented, roasted, sustainably sourced, and containing thousands of naturally present volatile aromas – is the exciting starting block of almost every Ottar recipe. The real ingredients we source to infuse and flavour are equally important and the purest, most vibrant foods and heady aromatics paired with our chocolate are the beating heart of what we do.

As 90% of taste is aroma, our team are encouraged to develop a deep sense of smell by taking in all the smells around them – not just chocolate and ingredients but also flowers, paper, books, leather, wood and rain. Because if we can’t smell, we can’t taste. And if we can’t taste we have no business being chocolatiers – it’s as simple as that.

It’s only by understanding and appreciating aroma that we can build and access a library of delicious flavour combinations in our minds. Because it’s smell over flavour that locks into the brains’ olfactory centre, we are able to be transported as far back as early childhood via a mere whiff of something evocative from the past. It’s exactly how our team recall ideas and what we rely upon during the flavour-matching and infusing process. And it’s definitely one of the most exciting aspects of our work.

And our ideas start – always – with chocolate. We mainly work with small-batch chocolate makers who are constantly discovering and experimenting with new and rare cacao. It means our chocolate profiles are super diverse and exciting. And there’s almost always something new (and challenging even) for us to experiment with and introduce you to. 

And by matching natural aromas in these exciting chocolates to pure ingredients, we are working towards layers of harmonious flavour - using fresh fruit purees, essential oils, citrus rinds, whole spices and teas to create our vibrant, signature blends.